Wednesday, 21 March 2012


nandos were running a competition and giving away ten pound gift card to the people they thought deserved it most and they deemed my blog worthy of a gift card.
and I just found out today, on my birthday.

I wrote an article for a zine a couple of years ago about people that find food or food play sexy and how I have always found watching a man eating chicken from the bone, but especially nandos, is an incredibly sexy thing to me.
it's the perfect place for a first date for me for three reasons.
1. I get to watch a man eat chicken.
2. I get to find out if he can handle the extra or extra extra hot sauces. a man that can't handle is spice is not the man for me.
3. I get to eat nandos.

you guys get a photo today on my birthday of me enjoying chicken.

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