Wednesday, 21 March 2012


nandos were running a competition and giving away ten pound gift card to the people they thought deserved it most and they deemed my blog worthy of a gift card.
and I just found out today, on my birthday.

I wrote an article for a zine a couple of years ago about people that find food or food play sexy and how I have always found watching a man eating chicken from the bone, but especially nandos, is an incredibly sexy thing to me.
it's the perfect place for a first date for me for three reasons.
1. I get to watch a man eat chicken.
2. I get to find out if he can handle the extra or extra extra hot sauces. a man that can't handle is spice is not the man for me.
3. I get to eat nandos.

you guys get a photo today on my birthday of me enjoying chicken.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

st helens goat milk

the udders are crying human tears.

Dear Sarah

Thank you for your e-mail and interest in St. Helen’s Farm.

We are of course delighted to hear that you are enjoying our products.
Unfortunately, we do not have any free samples to send out at this time.

Kind regards

Jackie East
St. Helen’s Farm

I told her it is my birthday soon and a t-shirt with a picture of a goat on it would make a wonderful present.

in good news my boyfriend hasn't written to anyone yet, although he told me he is inventing various characters.

I'm off for a smear, more later.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

pukka herbs

I wrote to pukka telling them about my competition and also about how much I love their harmonise teas, they really are my new favourite tea bags at the moment and I only bought them because I had my period and was being especially mental and thought they might soothe me a bit. THEY DID.
I'm pretty sure you can still drink this if you're a man too.
here is part of the lovely email that Kate from pukka sent to me.
Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your email.

We are always pleased to hear how much our customers are enjoying our teas.

We have sent some sample sachets of our Harmonise tea and our Night Time tea in the post for you - we hope you enjoy them.

Please do not hesitate to contact if we can be of any further assistance at all.

Here is a picture of an actual cup of happiness (what I will be drinking when my tea bags come in the post) and my impression of what I imagine Kate the tea angel to look like. I will let you know if the night time tea helps with my insomnia.


here is part of the email walkers sent me this morning...
Dear Miss Crowder

Thank you for your recent email.

Unfortunately we are unable to help as we are not currently running any promotions for our Walkers crisps or Snacks and do not have products or vouchers to give out.

However, please log onto our website at for updates on forthcoming promotions which you may find of interest, thank you once again for taking the time to contact us.


I once entered walkers invent a flavour competition. The prize was five thousand pounds and I knew there wouldn't, couldn't be a better flavour than mine so I was already spending my winnings in my head. Then that stupid breakfast flavour that tasted like farts won. I nearly packed it all in, stopped eating their yummy crisps but I am a big person and can overlook the massive mistake they made in robbing the world of an amazing new flavour but now this. gary lineker, you are letting me down.


this is a picture of an ordinary person who would have loved my crisps but they don't exist so he is sad.

Monday, 12 March 2012

I want to be the champion.

I was talking to my boyfriend this morning (it was late night for him, as he lives in Los Angeles), I had been awake all night and was telling him that in the midst of my insomnia I had started to write to some of my favourite companies and tell them how great they are, and that I would probably be getting some wonderful freebies in the post soon.
here is a picture of us together
He kindly offered to proof read any emails before I sent them because HE WOULD BE BETTER AT IT THAN I AM, MORE CHARMING.
naturally, now we are having a competition over the next 10 days to see who is the best at this and can get the most free stuff.
this is what I hope this picture to look like in ten days time.

I will keep you posted.